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Scorpio 2013 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

With the impact from Saturn, 2013 expects to be a stressful year for Scorpio. It is important to stay optimistic, calm and confident. You expect to become stronger after the challenges from Saturn. 2013 also expects to be a year full of changes for Scorpio. There will be both challenges and opportunities. Due to the impact from Jupiter, the first half of the year can be very eventful for Scorpio. The situation expects to improve during the second half of the year. At the end of 2013 Scorpio expects to pay more attention to health.


Due to the influence from Jupiter, relationship expects to be the focus for Scorpio in 2013. For Scorpio in a relationship, try to resist any temptation in social occasions. For single Scorpio, you will have plenty of opportunities to enter into a relationship, though you may be confused by the choices. It is important to follow your heart before you enter into a serious relationship.

Money management

Scorpio expects to have a smooth year in terms of finance in 2013. It is a good year to make investments. Try to stay patient and avoid making impulsive decisions. In summer Scorpio expects to work on finance planning in order to avoid any money pressure. During the second half of the year, especially in autumn, you expect to have good returns on your investments.

Academic Guidance

With the assistance from Jupiter, Scorpio expects to perform well in school in 2013. You expect to work very hard and excel academically. During the second half of the year, Scorpio expects to stay calm and complete study step by step. You will be able to truly understand the subject you work on. Overall 2013 expects to be a smooth year for Scorpio.


In 2013 Scorpio expects to have a less smooth year in terms of career development. This is driven by the impacts from different Planets. One impact from Jupiter is that you may need to change your job in 2013. Scorpio needs to stay flexible and adaptable. The situation will improve during the second half of the year. Overall it is good if Scorpio can learn how to deal with stress and pressure.


Scorpio needs to pay attention to any back, dental and kidney problems. Scorpio may feel a bit weak from March to May. But overall Scorpio expects to enjoy good health in 2013.

Strength Strength & Weakness Weakness

Strength: Thoughtful, intuitive, persistent, charming, curious, passionate, imaginative and very intelligent

Weakness: Possessive, competitive, jealous, and can be impulsive and stubborn.


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