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Scorpio 2014 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

2014 expects to be a changeable year for Scorpio. Your environment is likely to change. Scorpio will become more adaptable and flexible thanks to the changes. Overall Scorpio's situation expects to improve during the second half of the year.


2014 is a colourful year for Scorpio. You may enter into a passionate relationship thanks to the influence from Mars and Uranus. For Scorpio in a relationship, you may start to consider getting married. For single Scorpio you expect to have many opportunities to meet new people.

Money Management

Scorpio expects to spend more time on money management in 2014. Your saving will increase if your finance is managed carefully. Stay cautious before making any investment decisions. Overall it is important to observe and analyse more before you decide to invest. June and November are lucky months for Scorpio.

Academic Guidance

Scorpio may feel frustrated at the beginning of the year. You may have doubts whether further study suits you. It is important to stay optimistic. You need to stay calm and deal with frustrations when they come up.


2014 is a year full of opportunities for Scorpio. Uranus will give Scorpio lots of inspirations. Scorpio is steady and discrete when dealing with problems. Your critical nature will build a good foundation for your career success. During the second half of the year Scorpio may feel stressed. For Scorpio who looks for work, you will have lots of opportunities and receive helps from friends, especially during the second half of the year. Overall Scorpio expects to have a smooth year at work, except for August and September.


Scorpio needs to pay attention to any headache, blood vessel, blood circulation, and digestion problems. Take good care of yourself. Try to go to gym or do more physical exercises. Scorpio could choose to take a trip abroad. It is possible that you meet someone you like during your trip abroad!


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