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Scorpio 2019 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

It is important for Scorpio to stay positive as 2019 expects to be a challenging year. You are likely to experience many new things and it is important to stay optimistic and find ways to continue to improve yourself. In November you may find yourself too busy to spend any time with your family. Try to look after yourself and overcome your fear.


Scorpio expects to have a colourful year on relationship in 2019. For single Scorpio try to find time to improve yourself and expand your social circle. For female single Scorpio, you are likely to be pursued by many people; try to think about what traits are important for you in a partner. For Scorpio in a relationship, it is time to reflect whether the current relationship is right for you.

Money management

Scorpio needs to pay attention to money in 2019. You may find your spending overpasses your earnings after November. During the first half of the year you are likely to encounter more opportunities to increase your income. Evaluate well before you enter into a business partnership with others. October expects to be a good month for Scorpio.

Academic Guidance

Scorpio may find it hard to concentre on study during the second half of 2019. It is important to make a clear study plan for yourself. Try to build your foundation and improve your knowledge in various fields. For Scorpio at work, it is maybe a good year for you to attend conferences or enrol yourself in courses that can help improve your skills.


Owing to the impact from Pluto, Scorpio may experience challenges at work in 2019. It is important to stay confident and avoid turning to changing jobs as your first solution. For Scorpio in business, you may need to invest more time in your business. After November, it is important for you to seek for help.


Scorpio may feel tired owing to the pressure from work or study. It is important to build a relaxation routine into your work or study life. During the first half of 2019, try to avoid conflicts with others. Improve your diet routine and it takes time to nurture your body.


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