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Scorpio and Dragon Personality




Scorpio-Dragon is ambitious, charming, strong-minded and energetic.

You find it hard to adjust yourself to the modern environment. You can be wasteful and unable to make full use of your talent.

Scorpio-Dragon is sentimental but prefers to conceal its emotions in public.

You are an individualist and very imaginative. You might find it hard to get along with everyone at times. Try to socialize more


Scorpio-Dragon is passionate and honest in a relationship.

But Scorpio-Dragon needs encouragement to focus and strive.


Scorpio-Dragon is compatible with Virgo-Ox, Virgo-Monkey, Capricorn-Ox, Capricorn-Monkey, Pisces-Ox and Pisces-Monkey.

Cancer-Tiger, Capricorn-Tiger, and Pisces-Tiger suit Scorpio-Dragon too.

Your ideal partner is Cancer-Snake.

Except for Leo-Ox, Aquarius-Ox, Taurus-Rabbit, Leo-Rabbit, Leo-Dog, Taurus-Dog, Aquarius-Dog, you are able to get along with everyone.


Scorpio-Dragon likes to be in control. Therefore leader is not a good option.

Professions such as TV performer, politician, fashion designer, column writer suit imaginative Scorpio-Dragon.

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