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Scorpio and Pig Personality




Scorpio-Pig is tasteful, talkative and very extroverted.

You have a great temperament and are good at dressing up. Scorpio-Pig is energetic and very ambitious. You get along with everyone.

Scorpio-Pig detests poverty and is very self-centred. You always try everything in order to get what you want. You can be ruthless on occasions.

You are a pleasant and attractive company. You are fortitudinous, compassionate but at times you can be narrow-minded and very conservative.


Scorpio-Pig is funny, intelligent and can be very possessive.

To be Scorpio-Pig's ideal partner, you need to be fun, forgiving, submissive and very considerate.


Scorpio-Pig gets along well with Cancer-Goat, Virgo-Goat, Capricorn-Goat and Pisces-Goat.

You are also easily attracted to Cancer-Rabbit, Virgo-Rabbit and Pisces-Rabbit.

Try to ignore Leo-Snake and Taurus-Snake.

Try to keep a distance with Taurus-Horse and Aquarius-Monkey.


Scorpio-Pig is not interested in jobs offering little salary. You are a materialist.

Suitable professions are painter, farm manager, restaurant owner, purchaser, interior designer or politician.

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