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Scorpio Female Personality Traits

Born Oct 24~Nov 22Ruling PlanetPluto
SymbolThe ScorpionElementWater
Basic TraitI DesireClosest MetalPlutonium
Lucky DayTuesdayQualityFixed
Lucky PlacesPlaces near waterLucky Numbers3, 5
Lucky ColorBlack, Charcoal Grey, Maroon and Red
Lucky FlowersGeranium and Honeysuckle
Lucky GemsTopaz
Ruling GoldGreek-Pluto; Roman-Hades
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Overall Personality Traits

A Scorpio woman is attractive, mysterious and very appealing. She is direct and can see you through straight away if you are not sincere or honest. Do not every offend Scorpio when she had done nothing wrong.

A Scorpio woman is a woman with principles. She rarely wishes to dominate but on the other hand she prefers someone who is more strong-minded than here as company.

She is passionate towards life. She is always very honest about her feelings. But she may hide her feelings in public. She is loyal toward friends and your secrets are always safe with her.

A Scorpio female is determined and often has a strong will. She can be picky about friends and will only make friends with those who she perceives as worthy.


A Scorpio woman can be very subtle of expressing her feelings in a relationship. To be her partner, you need to be considerate and attentive. She enjoys sincere compliments from the opposite sex.

Do not ever cheat on a Scorpio woman because she will never forgive you. Furthermore she will seek for revenge where she can. Do not hurt her.

A Scorpio female enjoys being dominated and led in a relationship. Her ideal partner is someone intelligent, good looking and very devoted towards her. A Scorpio woman will become very committed and loyal once she falls in love with you.

She will become fierce, jealous and possessive if you are not faithful. She is prone to suspicions because she often feels insecure.

A Scorpio woman is sensible at money. She dislikes compromises in life and she dreads it if her partner becomes too possessive.

She generally has a good sense of fairness and justice. She is devoted towards her children and she will try her best to make them independent, fair, confident and strong-minded.

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