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Scorpio Male Personality Traits

Born Oct 24~Nov 22Ruling PlanetPluto
SymbolThe ScorpionElementWater
Basic TraitI DesireClosest MetalPlutonium
Lucky DayTuesdayQualityFixed
Lucky PlacesPlaces near waterLucky Numbers3, 5
Lucky ColorBlack, Charcoal Grey, Maroon and Red
Lucky FlowersGeranium and Honeysuckle
Lucky GemsTopaz
Ruling GoldGreek-Pluto; Roman-Hades
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Overall personality traits

A Scorpio man has great passion towards life. Though when he is hurt, a Scorpio man can get very fierce and defensive.

A Scorpio man is very firm once he makes his mind up about something or someone. He is generally honest, sincere, and reliable. He rarely indulges in self-pity and always has an optimistic attitude towards life.

He enjoys solving mysteries. He can be very choosy when making friends. But generally he enjoys the company of those who share similar interests to his.

A Scorpio man can be thoughtful and sophisticated when occasions arise. He rarely displays his emotions in public.


A Scorpio man is very passionate in a relationship. He loves luxury and loves to share with you his luxury. He is generally attracted to someone adventurous and with a good reputation.

He is adventurous and therefore he also looks for courage from someone he loves. He is mischievous but very caring towards his partner.

A Scorpio male is often honest and frank. In a relationship he can become jealous and possessive. Try to find out the reason behind his jealousy.

A Scorpio man is a responsible father. He always demands discipline and respect from children. He wants them to be independent when they grow up. To be a Scorpio man's partner, you need to complement his way of educating children, by teaching them being gentle and tender towards people.

A Scorpio man, once fallen in love, will become very devoted and caring. He will try his best to make you the happiest wife in this world!

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